• 1972

    JIH CHENG MACHINERY MFG. CO., LTD, located in Shulin Township, Taipei County, started in package machine development and machine components processing. We have gained a lot of practical and manufacturing experiences.

  • 1976

    Like many long-established company, JIH-CHENG has already devoted himself in the packing-machine industry while machinery industry was still undeveloped. The company sets out to design and build new machines that solved the difficult challenges of product packing. Jih-Cheng's first breakthrough product "Automatic Labeling Machine" was fond of many food and medicine companies since 1976. So far, "Automatic Labeling Machine" was sold to not only Taiwan but also Mainland China, Philippine, Thailand, Indonesia and etc… up to a number of 1800. And every year, the company has more than 40 orders for this item form Mainland China .

  • 1982

    Shortly thereafter, JIH-CHENG set out a new factory and launched its second innovation "Automatic Liquid Filling Machine" and "Automatic Sealing Machine" in year 1982. In the meantime, the company also helps many industries of food and medicine to get the certification of GMP during the era that governments promote the GMP Certification.

  • 1990

    The company has started the production of "Automatic Filling, Plug, Insertion and Overcapping Machine", the item is famous among eye drops producers, for it can complete the production via a simple machine in limited space. The genius innovation successfully gained the company 100% of market shares in the pharmaceutical sector in Taiwan .

  • 1995

    JIH-CHENG continued to forge ahead with new product introductions. In 1995, the company launched a new Cartoning Factory, to produce ‘'Horizontal Automatic Cartoning Machine''. This product is the significant investment of the day, it quickly become one of the most popular products of the company. The company gained more than 240 orders within 10 years for this item.

  • 2001

    Customer research and focus group studies revealed that JIH-CHENG's products are widely used by all user segments. In order to provide a better service to customers located in Mainland China , Jih-Cheng launched a branch named "Shang Hai JIH-CHENG MACHINERY" in Shang Hai, China in 2001. As new products continued to flow, Jih-Cheng's sales continued to grow. According to our reliable statistic, Shang Hai Jih-Cheng Machinery has a stable 20% growth every year.

  • 2014

    JIH-CHENG MACHINERY TECHNOLOGIES CO., LTD. is built on 2014 January. We have built up our reputation and will remain dedicated to designing and manufacturing quality machines. And always adhere to solving customer problems and meet the needs of the largest target. After forty years of development and efforts, also under the second generation of tradition, the concept of importing the updated technology and customer service to the concept of most international competition continues to serve various manufacturers. We are looking forward to serving you for the next forty years.